Breaking news: We are now known as Outer Eastern Permaculture Swap and are swapping at Glen Park Oaks Community Garden as of May 2015.  If you have stumbled upon here, please head over to our website at permacultureswap.wordpress.com.  It has all the goodies migrated from here plus more.  This site is just an archive/history.   Welcome to … Continue reading Welcome!

May 2015 Swap

Our first food swap at Glen Park Oaks Community Garden!  Look at all the wonderful goodies! 2 things to note. I've found out that the persimmons on offer are the astringent type which means that it needs to ripen till very soft before you can scoop out to eat, as opposed to eating like an … Continue reading May 2015 Swap

Plastic milk bottles wicking bed?

Just a short post today to tie in with the recycling challenge and guess what?  It's more about plastic milk bottles! I watched this video featured on The Permaculture Research Institute "A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds" and read about the media-less wicking beds.  And then I thought that we could use those plastic milk bottles … Continue reading Plastic milk bottles wicking bed?