Washing machine spin speed vs energy consumption

This hot and dry weather has got me thinking…would setting a lower spin speed on the washing machine reduce energy consumption?  You see, recently, I didn’t have to use high spin speeds and my clothes still dry in no time.  Of course, that’s for drying outside on the line.  I thought I won’t torture the laundry so much in the spin if not necessary.

But I couldn’t find any information as to whether spinning at a lower speed will use less energy.  All I could find is that if your washing machine has a high spin speed, you will save energy because the clothes won’t take that long to dry in a tumble dryer.  That’s obvious so I didn’t want to read anymore about that.  I also don’t use a dryer.

Anyone has any charts of their washing machine’s spin performance?  I think I’m going to do some measurements over the next few months…


3 thoughts on “Washing machine spin speed vs energy consumption

  1. Hi Anna, thanks for visiting our blog! I do have some preliminary results and it points to lower energy consumption for lower spin speeds. I will have a graph to show results from the data collected with our own washing. So it will take a couple of months or so to collect more data for higher spin speeds; happening now as I start to have to use higher spin speeds in the cooler months. Do check back in a while for my ‘official’ results!

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