Dust bathing quails

Thanks to the Ground to Ground blog article by Shane, we are now enjoying our little quails and their eggs!

We had been thinking of keeping quails for months after reading the article but not until the beginning of this year when we got an unwanted rabbit hutch, did we actually progress on the plan.  We struggled to get the rabbit hutch into our wagon, then struggled to clean it (very dirty) and then the boys painted it as well as they could (they did get about as much paint on themselves, LOL!).  Once all the work was over, we made our trip to a breeder to get our little birds.  And they have been great so far…here’s a video of them enjoying their dust bath; you can never get tired of watching another dust bath 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dust bathing quails

      1. Is there a way to start a new post on this blogsite? I can only comment on posts that are already there.
        Anyway, bringing tomatoes tomorrow – at last! And leek seedlings and a few other things. See you tomorrow!

  1. Always like the seedlings and surprises you bring to the swap! I’ve just invited you to be an author on the blog so we are looking forward to interesting news from your garden 🙂

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