February 2013 Swap

We thought it was going to be a lonely morning for us, despite the warmth.  Thanks to the support of our ‘local farmers’, the tables were soon filled again 🙂  And someone rightly said that it was an ‘eat and chat’ morning!

Among the offerings are the fruit of Monstera Deliciosa, commonly known as the Fruit Salad or Swiss Cheese plant.  Fruit salad because it smells like a mixture of tropical fruits especially pineapple and banana.  Swiss cheese because it has large leaves with holes in them.  It’s supposed to be a tropical plant but it thrives in the shade of my front yard here in Melbourne.  I don’t water or fertilise it but it just grows and fruits happily.  This is the second year that I’ve harvested the fruit; before then I was not aware that its fruits are edible and every year, I chop them off and place them into the green waste bin.

Now that we’re enjoying the fruits, I wonder if the plants would be beneficial if planted under trees (need to find more solutions to preserve the moisture and shade the ground from heat during this very dry and hot summer).  I know they can climb trees but I can’t find any additional info to see if they are parasitic or not a good companion to trees.  Anyone knows?

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