Edible Warburton Tour was great!

Ten of us recently travelled up to Warburton by bus to see the amazing work that’s been going on there, creating vegetable gardens in big apple crates  around the town for anyone to pick from. The  Edible Warburton people met the bus and were so welcoming and helpful, telling us the story about how the gardens began and how they are being maintained by a group of dedicated and fun-loving volunteers. You can see more photos on their Edible Warburton facebook page. We had such a great time walking around the town, seeing all the places that food is being grown for the community, and then sitting outside at the Wild Thyme cafe. Maybe we could do something similar in Croydon? An apple crate or two on a nature strip somewhere that people walk past? Near a kindergarden perhaps? Anyone interested?

Looking forward to the next swap on 26th April.