Plastic milk bottles

We go through about a bottle of 2L milk every 5 days or so in our household.  That’s not a lot as we try to drink less milk; can’t totally cut out as the kids prefer not to have soy, especially when taken neat.  But that’s a discussion for another day…

So for those of you who have a lot of plastic milk bottles each week (or other similar bottles), check out these hanging planters.

I cut out the tops, being careful to leave the ‘bends’ for structural strength.  Remember to poke holes at the bottom (I’ve forgotten a few times!).  Then I used these wire coat hangers that someone discarded to hang them in the gaps between the rail and the palings.  You could improve on this by decorating the bottles 🙂

I thought that they would be blown around in the wind a lot but they are surprisingly ‘calm’ because of the protection from the fence.  I don’t think they will last long although I’ve also used these bottles for coddling moth traps and they are still ok after a year.  When they do breakdown, then we can recycle them.  That gives them at least another year of useful life!

geraniums in plastic milk bottles
Geraniums in hanging bottles
coriander in plastic milk bottles
Coriander in hanging bottles



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    1. I just cut the plastic with a pair regular scissors with sharp ends so you can poke in to start off. As for the holes at the bottom, I used my weeder to poke. Just place the bottle on soft ground (lawn), and poke thru.

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