Nail clippings

We recently lost our good nail clipper, the type with a collector so you don’t have to sweep or vacuum the floor each time you clip your nails.  We have many other nail clippers but not with collectors.  Still, we are not going out to buy another nail clipper to replace the one lost so we’ll just have to use the ‘open’ ones.

And this started me thinking about using the nail clippings in the garden as I was going to clip in the garden so I didn’t have to clean up afterwards 🙂  I thought that the nail clippings would actually do well around the plants to deter snails and slugs as they have sharp edges, at least for a while.  Then I also found this article that says we can compost nail clippings.  Protein to feed the plants too!

So there you go.  All our nail clippings, including the dogs’, will all go into the garden (somewhere) now.  What a waste of nail clippings that have been going into the bin for so many years before…


2 thoughts on “Nail clippings

  1. I’ve since found our nail clipper with the collector but the nail clippings will still be going into the garden. It was a great ‘loss’ and found 🙂

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