Comfrey – spreading or not?

The comfrey I (Jan) have in my garden has turned out to be the spreading kind. Comfrey is fantastically useful, especially in the compost as well as growing near fruit trees, and for its healing properties, but I don't want it to take over. I know it will spread from the tiniest bit of root, … Continue reading Comfrey – spreading or not?


Drug Resistance

If you haven't read this article about the overuse of antibiotics and the consequences, please read it.  You will appreciate practising organic home food growers.  You will know that it's worth all the extra time, work and cost that goes into producing wholesome food.  Hope this will encourage and motivate those who are toiling their … Continue reading Drug Resistance

Poo power vs used barley

Sorry the title doesn't sound too nice but I was reminded of this article that was about turning dog waste into energy.  They even have their own website Poo Power.  It's such a great idea as I always think it's such a waste to throw all that 'power' away... As you know, we also collect … Continue reading Poo power vs used barley