Fruit thinning

I have been trying not to thin the fruit on my plum trees for a few years.  Last year, they fruited especially heavily.  I thought I could get away without ‘throwing away potential fruits’.  Well, one branch was so heavy, it broke at the trunk.  And this was a big branch with a diameter of about 5cm.  And most of the other fruits were attacked by lawn grubs and slugs as they were so heavy, they reached the ground.  Many plums also failed to fully develop as they were so packed.  So while trying to have as many plums as possible, I ended up with a lot of wastage.

So this year, I had to grit my teeth and cut off about half a bucket of developing fruits.  First I cut off those that are smaller or have blemishes.  Then I thin off the ones that are in a bunch of 3 or more; these are the ones that are so difficult to choose.  Supposedly the end result is that there should be about an inch between each fruit.  You will see that I still have not cut off enough green fruits.  I’m trying to delay the inevitable…

plum treeplum treeplum fruits thinned


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