Soldier Beetles Swarming

About the same time last year, it was the first time we saw soldier beetles in droves near our home.  Searching the internet, we found a news article about the invasion.  We were relieved to find out that they were harmless and may even eat an aphid or 2.  We did try to see if our chooks would like a bug feast but they turned their beaks up at them.  No free food 😦

We were hoping that they would invade our garden and get rid of all the aphids that refuse to leave us alone.  But these beetles aren’t as strategic as the lady bugs.  The aphids do not appear to be their main target.

I’ve read various comments and people can’t agree if they are good or bad.  We don’t mind them, they haven’t bitten any of us and haven’t come into the house.  But they also haven’t eradicated the aphids and other pests from our garden.  What’s your experience like?


One thought on “Soldier Beetles Swarming

  1. I haven’t experienced anything positive about them. I know they can be somewhat a nuisance during the mating season.

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