Our Second Cucumber

I thought planting cucumbers were for the advanced gardener so I haven’t attempted them until I got 2 seedlings from our swap.  So I decided to try out the ‘Three Sisters’ garden in a patch where I already had painted mountain corn growing.

It is a small patch barely 1m² and I had put bean seeds closed to the corn seedlings.  But then I realised I’ve put the wrong kind of beans; bush beans instead of climbing beans!  And with the 2 cucumber seedlings, which I’ve placed in the centre, I had completed the ‘Three Sisters’.  Well, the corn came and went, the beans did too but the cucumbers remained seedlings!

That was before summer.  And in the last few weeks, the cucumber plants had growth spurts!  I had left the corn stalks in the patch and they were quite useful for the cucumber vines to climb after all.  And now I’m enjoying the best Lebanese cucumbers ever!  Here I have a picture of our 2nd cucumber growing as I forgot to take a picture of the 1st cucumber…