Upcycle/Reuse Trampolines

I have had a lot of problems with small black/brown birds (not Indian mynas) digging up my vegetables patch.  They are a bit like the chooks who will come and have a go after they’ve seen you have a go (sowing or planting!).  I wonder if any of you have the same problem (the black/brown birds, not the chooks).  And I thought my vegetable patches will be safe if I keep the chooks in their own scratching/digging area.  But it looks like if it’s not this bird, it’s that bird!

So I had to prepare a vegetable bed that I was able to net completely, at least until all the plants are well established and hopefully, ‘scratch proof’.  Here’s a look at my latest vegetable bed with trampoline structure to hold the net.

Trampoline Vegetable Bed
Trampoline Vegetable Bed

It doesn’t look very good but so far, the seedlings have not been uprooted nor the precious compost flung out.  (And no doggies eating manure when I do add them, LOL)

How to get old trampolines?  I asked on Freecycle, unless you already have one (or more) that the kids have worn out.  The mats, you can use as weed mats and the netting for the plants.  No waste!


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