Cheap quail feeder (part 1)

It's terrible how we often lose at least half of the quail food to mice and worse, they leave us mice droppings in place of the food ūüė¶ ¬†So I decided to quit the regular chicken feeder that we were using for them and find another solution where the food is not left uncovered overnight … Continue reading Cheap quail feeder (part 1)


Homemade cloches

Do you have a lot of transparent PET bottles? ¬†More than can be used as water bottles on your kids' camps? ¬†You can of course put them into the recycling bin but here's a way of giving them one more chance to be useful before they get recycled. I have just learned that these seedling … Continue reading Homemade cloches

Compost in a jiffy

Too much autumn leaves, shredded paper, coffee grounds? ¬†Build your hot compost! ¬†I'll share with you what I've learned from the hot compost workshop on swap Saturday. ¬†Please correct me if I get any of the info wrong or share your own tips and tricks. Fertile compost in 6-10 weeks Build, turn, spread Main ingredients: … Continue reading Compost in a jiffy

June 2014 Swap

It was a great morning and the rain held back till we were done! ¬†We had a few things to swap and learned lots from Neil about hot composting. ¬†Thanks Neil! ¬†Will write more about that in another post. Next month is Croydon Food Swap's 2nd anniversary and Warwick Bone (Permaculture Victoria) will be sharing … Continue reading June 2014 Swap