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Cheap quail feeder (part 1)


It’s terrible how we often lose at least half of the quail food to mice and worse, they leave us mice droppings in place of the food 😦  So I decided to quit the regular chicken feeder that we were using for them and find another solution where the food is not left uncovered overnight when ‘no one is looking’ in the dark.

chicken feeder

Retired chook feeder

Since we had quite a few 2 litre plastic milk bottles, they came to mind first.  If they worked, they would be a really cheap alternative and we could have plans to mass produce them and dominate them pesky mice!

Filling the bottle was a bit slow as the opening is quite small.  Once that was done, the quails took a while to get used to it although they knew what to do immediately as they can see the food through the translucent body as well as the openings cut into the side.  They just weren’t keen to stick their heads inside.  One of them will just wait around the feeder and steal others’ food as soon as they get some out of the bottle.

With the 2 litre size and only half filled, the feed lasts about a week for 4 quails.  So I decided to try the 3 litre size.  This size doesn’t really add much more capacity as the holes still had to be cut at about the same height.  But at least, the holes can now be bigger (more height) so the quails can really stick their heads in without having to worry about them getting stuck (there wasn’t any chance of that but I thought they could feel claustrophobic!).  So every night, we stuffed the holes up with foam (from cut up pool noodle but you can use any other similar foam).  And each morning, we removed the foam plugs so the quails can access their food.  Cheap working solution.

2L plastic milk bottle quail feeder with foam plugs

2L plastic milk bottle quail feeder with foam plugs

3L milk bottle quail feeder

3L milk bottle quail feeder

Plastic milk bottle quail feeder in action

Plastic milk bottle quail feeder in action

Or so we thought.  About more than a week later, we noticed that one of the openings looked different.  The bottom had a deep valley ‘cut’ into it.  Grrr!  The mouse/mice have nibbled through a small gap (the foam plugs were precision ones) and nibbled on downwards so they can now access the food when we thought we’ve plugged the holes up for the night.  Verdict: If the plastic is easy to cut, it’s also easy to chew thru!

So back to the drawing board…be sure to check back to see how we have ‘evolved’…


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