Washing soda as a general cleaner

It’s almost spring (wishful thinking = me) so it’s time to start thinking and planning out the spring cleaning!  Actually spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done in spring and it’s perfect for those wet and gloomy winter’s day; get a workout and warm up while indoors.

I made homemade laundry detergent sometime back and one of the ingredients is washing soda (sodium carbonate, not the same as sodium bicarbonate which is baking soda used in cooking).  It is a strong base and I noted that washing soda has quite a few other uses, mostly for cleaning.

One of these uses is as a general purpose cleaner.  I diluted a teaspoon of washing soda in a cup of hot water.  Then I poured this into a spray bottle.  Tested this on the kitchen tiles which were oily and it worked a charm!  While spraying the tile wall, drops of the solution fell onto the stove top.  I have been guilty of not cleaning the stove top for a while but it’s perfect to show you what happened to the caked on grime.  Have a look at the picture below.  After I wiped the solution off the stove top, parts of it were shiny clean again!

Washing soda stove top


You can use this as a floor cleaner (tiles, laminate or vinyl) but test first, or for general cleaning of walls, counter tops or sinks.  Also very good for oily rangehood filters.  While I found that it works slightly better than baking soda, it is a stronger base so you have to be careful.  Happy cleaning!