How to plant your garden

of your daily living....   I stumbled upon this on the Member's Musings page of the Croydon Community Garden site and if you are wondering what to plant in this new season, try these... Plant three rows of peas: 1.Peace of mind 2.Peace of heart 3.Peace of soul Plant four rows of squash: 1.Squash gossip … Continue reading How to plant your garden


Cheap quail feeder (part 2)

Remember our little problem with the cheap quail feeder made out of plastic milk bottle? ¬†They weren't pest-proof ūüė¶ So we have adapted the PVC pipe design of the chicken feeder for the smaller birds. ¬†We needed to change the design to suit the quails as the 'Y' connector is too high for them, even … Continue reading Cheap quail feeder (part 2)

September 2014 Swap

The start of spring has brought us Hebe cuttings, vietnamese mint, goji berry cuttings, limes, sage, collard greens, protea flowers, parsley, used coffee grounds, cooking and gardening magazines, chicken eggs, asparagus, lettuce, kale, silver beet and sunshine! We had some fun with turning toilet paper tubes and old newspapers into seed pots. ¬†For the origami … Continue reading September 2014 Swap