Mushrooms from used coffee grounds?

We collect used coffee grounds from the local cafe weekly and put it in the compost bin and other areas around the yard.  Thankfully, we have a big yard to be able to use all the coffee grounds.  But I’m really excited to find out that I can use the used coffee grounds in a more productive way.

Recently, we were trying to find out more about growing mushrooms as my son is really keen on them.  We’ve learned a bit about wild mushrooms but we would also like to grow some.  However, I do find mushroom kits expensive if they are to be used to produce a constant supply to feed the family; easier and cheaper to just buy the mushrooms ready!

Then I stumbled upon this.  I’m not advertising this company or their products but the short video will give you an idea of the possibilities with used coffee grounds.

Now we just happened to have bought a discounted mushroom kit that is still inoculating in the laundry.  When it’s ready, I will take some of the mycelium to grow in the used coffee grounds substrate.  If we’re successful, I’ll write about it again so there may be a sequel to this…wish us luck!