Cheap quail feeder (part 2)

Remember our little problem with the cheap quail feeder made out of plastic milk bottle?  They weren’t pest-proof 😦

So we have adapted the PVC pipe design of the chicken feeder for the smaller birds.  We needed to change the design to suit the quails as the ‘Y’ connector is too high for them, even without any attachments at the bottom.

PVC pipe quail feeder
PVC pipe quail feeder

The design is quite straightforward and you should be able to find the bits and pieces in your shed.  The straight PVC pipe with a cap on top (not shown in pic) connects to a 90º elbow which joins to another 90º elbow via a short piece of PVC pipe.  There is also a cap for the bottom opening which is not shown in pic.  The main thing to note is that the last 90º elbow is turned out at about a 45º angle so the quails are able to stick their heads inside to eat.  Otherwise the opening is facing up and will again be too high for the wee little birds to reach inside.

You can adjust the angle according to your birds so they can reach inside to eat but not easily peck and scatter the food outside.  Our straight pipe is about 40-50cm tall (didn’t measure, just found some scrap from the shed that fit into their house) and the food last more than a week.  And finally, success!  No more mice!!!  Only thing is we have to remember to put the cap on every night and open it every morning.