Calling all garden enthusiasts in the Whitehorse Council!  You have the opportunity to win a consultation with Angelo Eliades from Deep Green Permaculture.  Three-quarters of Angelo’s 80m2 garden is dedicated to food production including 30 fruit trees, 23 types of berries, dozens of herbs and medicinal plants and many unusual vegetables. In 2013, the garden produced more than 240kg of organic food.  That’s my garden…one day…

Back to reality…for more information about the Food Garden Award, checkout Whitehorse Sustainability Awards. Any food garden in a residential property that may feature vegetables, herbs, bush foods, fruit and nut trees.  So all you swappers, go for it!  You can even nominate yourself!

Wish I can enter but I’m in the Maroondah Council and Andriana from the Whitehorse Council has so kindly checked for me but there isn’t anything similar offered by Maroondah Council.

But that’s not going to stop me from going to the Whitehorse Sustainability Awards Night next year, to hear Angelo Eliades from Deep Green Permaculture present on Australia’s first backyard demonstration food forest.  See you there!