Also known as Euphorbia peplus, it is considered a weed in most gardens.  If you didn’t know its medicinal use, you wouldn’t believe if I told you that the seeds are sold for growing your own radium weed herbs.

Thanks to Ros who shared her experience recently, I now know this weed by name and use. She has had to treat her skin cancer with a medication called Efudix cream.  She shared that radium weed’s sap worked in the same way, at a fraction of the cost (actually free if they happen to be weeds in your garden)!  She has used it with success for a while now.



I now see this weed in a different light.  Although it isn’t really that invasive and widespread, it used to be pulled out without a second thought.  Now, I let it be, as who knows, I may need it one day!  Or I could swap it?


* Medical disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and are merely sharing personal experience which cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional.  We are not liable or responsible for this information or any consequences arising from its use if you choose to apply it to your individual circumstances.  If you have any concerns for your health, please consult your healthcare provider.


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  1. interesting post, Karen. We pull out so many plants automatically without thinking, this is a reminder that many plants may not look so wonderful, but they are very useful.

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