We’ve been brewing and drinking water kefir for more than a year now.  We may be ready to add new ‘pets’ to our collection now 🙂  For those who love dairy (like my boys), milk kefir drink would be a good option for a dose of beneficial bacteria.

Milk kefir drink is not new but the recent interest in fermented foods have brought this cultured drink back in vogue.  I haven’t made or drunk this for many years but I’ll share what I can remember.

The live kefir grains look like lumpy milk solids.  Note that they are alive, hence I call them pets!  To make the drink, it is very similar to water kefir.  While water kefir grains feed on sugar, milk kefir grains feed on milk.  They are active at room temperature so brewing takes place outside the fridge.  Once the kefir is ready (usually after 24 hours), just strain the liquid out and consume (or keep in the fridge for later).  You can repeat the same with the grains.

It is said that milk kefir is better than yoghurt due to the many strains of beneficial bacteria and yeast.  Other nutritional values in it depends on the raw material (unfermented milk) that is used.  If you’re looking to add probiotics to your diet, milk kefir might be what you’re looking for.  If you have been making and/or drinking milk kefir, we would love to hear your experience.


3 thoughts on “Milk Kefir Drink

  1. I’ve been drinking Milk Kefir for a few months now and it’s going well, I am used to the taste now and it has been wonderful for my digestion (I find I get some mild stomach cramps when I dont drink it!) although I find that my milk cultures really quickly and after 24 hours I have more like cottage cheese than a drink…so I agitate the container regularly through the day and I do the same with the bottle I keep in the fridge too. I don’t drink it as quickly as it makes it though so I store my grains in the fridge in milk for a few days here and there. This website was really helpful when I first got started: http://users.chariot.net.au/~dna/kefirpage.html this guy talks about the history and all about Kefir! I got my grains on eBay from a lady in Blackburn but I think I have enough now that I’d be happy to share some if anyone wanted to try it out 🙂

    1. Hi Jess, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, I find that page very useful too.

      Milk kefir grains would be a great thing to swap! Hope to see you Saturday!

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