We need help!

You know when your family grows, especially at a rate faster than you have planned, you are more than likely to need and appreciate help from family and friends around you.  We feel that our group is growing at a rapid rate and would like to form a support/welcoming team for a smooth-er journey.

At the moment, these are the things that are to be done at each swap meet.

  • Setting up which includes preparing the space and arranging tables, putting out signage, laying out signup table
  • Welcoming which includes making people feel at home, especially newcomers, handing out name tags, directing where to place produce, describing how the swap works, checking if swappers would like to sign up to CFS reminder list or TTM mailing list, answer any questions (based on the FAQs on website, and just simply chatting with swappers and making sure no one is left out
  • Packing up which is mainly setting up in reverse order

We can manage the setup and packup quite well as that doesn’t increase in magnitude in proportion to the number of swappers, although a few backup persons would be helpful in case of unforeseen circumstances.  What we would love is for a few people to help with the welcoming part.  You don’t have to do it every month, especially if you are not sure if you are able to make it that month.  Hence a team would mean that there are backups and also opportunities for different people to assist and others to take a break.  You can help as often  or as rarely as you like.

I have drafted an FAQ document which would be helpful for all swappers, but especially those intending to get on board the team.  Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or are interested to help.  Thank you!


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