Need your feedback – venue decision

I’m sorry this is going to be another one of those boring administrative stuff post again…

In the search for our ideal venue, I would like feedback as to the priority of the factors for consideration.  Please participate in this poll to help us make the right decision for the group.

Here are brief descriptions of the factors:

  • Location – whether we should stay in Croydon
  • Shelter – better shelter than the gazebo offers?
  • Toilet access – self explanatory
  • Distance from carpark –  does the carpark need to be close to the actual swap station?  The distance may pose an issue for those who have trouble carrying their produce and maybe people with disabilities.
  • Power or access to hot water – for tea/coffee and maybe cooking demo?
  • Cost – there may be venues that requests for a gold coin donation.  Is free important to us?

I’ve limited the choices to 2 so you can’t say all the factors are equally important!  I appreciate your voice in this!  Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Need your feedback – venue decision

  1. If at all possible, please keep the swap in Croydon. I also think it’s good not to be too far from cars with produce to be carried. I’m not concerned about a toilet, but some participants may be. I’m also willing to pay a gold coin for other benefits if necessary – Joan.

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