Earth Hour Event

Just a short post to update on our next swap date.  It will NOT be the 1st Saturday of April.  We have moved it to coincide with the Earth Hour event which will be Saturday 28 March 2015 6.45-8pm at Maroondah Federation Estate, Ringwood.  For more info about the local Earth Hour event, please check … Continue reading Earth Hour Event


Finishing off the challenge…

They say that the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray...well this definitely applies to me regarding our March recycling challenge. I had grand plans to create a big worm farm out of an old refrigerator - I had seen a video on an old episode of Gardening Australia and was inspired to … Continue reading Finishing off the challenge…

Plastic milk bottles wicking bed?

Just a short post today to tie in with the recycling challenge and guess what?  It's more about plastic milk bottles! I watched this video featured on The Permaculture Research Institute "A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds" and read about the media-less wicking beds.  And then I thought that we could use those plastic milk bottles … Continue reading Plastic milk bottles wicking bed?