Just a short post today to tie in with the recycling challenge and guess what?  It’s more about plastic milk bottles!

I watched this video featured on The Permaculture Research Institute “A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds” and read about the media-less wicking beds.  And then I thought that we could use those plastic milk bottles in a styrofoam container to make a media-less wicking bed.  Anyone tried this before?  Someone might want to attempt this for the recycling challenge!  We need more ideas by this Friday 20 March 2015 so why not give this a go!


2 thoughts on “Plastic milk bottles wicking bed?

  1. The post about plastic bottles is interesting. As we drink a lot of mineral water, there are heaps of 1.25 litre bottles here which I’m willing to save for Croydon Food Swap participants to use. Next Croydon Food swap I will bring some along and if someone would like me to collect regularly for them after that, please let me know that day.
    Joan Snowball.

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