Recycling challenge finalists

The challenge closed Monday 20th April and I’ve been mulling over which entries to pick for voting.  So here they are…

Option A – From Joan and it was the very first entry
Cut the bottom out of a few old, large buckets and almost bury each one vertically in the ground. Add mainly kitchen food scraps, placing in a different bucket each time so that one doesn’t fill up too quickly. Cover each bucket with a barrier like a piece of flat metal to keep out snails, rodents etc and maybe a brick. When each one is almost full, pull out the bucket and cover the new compost heap with a layer of soil. This method is good for quite small gardens like mine. Pictured – a buried silver cylinder (lining from a rubbish bin) covered with a discarded electric frypan lid.

Option B – From Jess and it was the very last entry
See her detailed post here.



Which do you choose?  Please vote!