Spring onions and chives

Remember the milk bottle hanging planters?  The upside down tomatoes don't do as well as the ones on the ground but it can work and will even give you a few tomatoes.  I won't do it again unless I'm really short of space. The ones that do really well in these containers are spring onions … Continue reading Spring onions and chives


Upside down hanging planters

Remember my post on using plastic milk bottles as hanging planters?  This season, I've tried them upside down too - with tomatoes. Here's a picture of one tomato seedling right after transplanting.  I lined the bottles with old sheets and newspaper, in the hope that water will be better retained.  Sometimes I also use worn … Continue reading Upside down hanging planters

Repurposing milk or water bottles to irrigate your garden

We don't drink a lot of milk but we still have a 2L plastic milk bottle to throw into the recycling bin once a week.  I guess it's not too bad that it's getting recycled and not going to landfill but I still felt compelled to find a better way of reusing them till they … Continue reading Repurposing milk or water bottles to irrigate your garden

WWOOFers for a day

Who would have thought we would be Willing Workers On an Organic Farm?  That's what we did on Saturday and we are looking forward to returning again! Where?  A little bit of history of where we were.  Beenak House is a mud brick farmhouse set in 40 acres of bush bordering Beenak State Forest.  The … Continue reading WWOOFers for a day

Food Garden Award

Calling all garden enthusiasts in the Whitehorse Council!  You have the opportunity to win a consultation with Angelo Eliades from Deep Green Permaculture.  Three-quarters of Angelo’s 80m2 garden is dedicated to food production including 30 fruit trees, 23 types of berries, dozens of herbs and medicinal plants and many unusual vegetables. In 2013, the garden … Continue reading Food Garden Award