Fermented tea, anyone?

Raw and fermented food and beverage is the trend now so I might as well hitch a ride ūüôā ¬†Actually, one of the swappers has requested me to write about this as she has excess to share but can't describe/explain what they are. ¬†So here I am writing from what I can find online, and … Continue reading Fermented tea, anyone?


A 5 Minute Loaf of Bread

Though not exactly on the topic of recycling, I have a recipe that I wanted to share with the site as it is super easy and tastes great! I have been making bread for about 6 months now and the only way I manage to do it, with all the other jobs of the morning, … Continue reading A 5 Minute Loaf of Bread

Rhubarb Cake

If you were at our 2nd anniversary on the cold, wintry morning, you would have tasted Ros' delicious, moist Rhubarb cake. ¬†Finally we've got our hands on her recipe and her it is for you to try it out yourself. ¬†You might be lucky to get some rhubarb from the swap to make your cake … Continue reading Rhubarb Cake

Homemade laundry liquid

I was reading "Down to Earth - a guide to simple living" by Rhonda Hetzel. ¬†And it reminded me to try the homemade laundry liquid. ¬†The recipe which is in the book, is also freely available on the internet. ¬†There's also a powdered version but I think liquid will work better in my front loader. … Continue reading Homemade laundry liquid

Turning nasturtium seeds into capers

I had to share this now when the nasturtiums are growing wild and there are lots of seeds. ¬†I've collected some and pickled them‚Ķ.they were perfect! I won't repeat the recipe here as Garden Betty has done it so well so please read and follow the recipe on her blog. ¬†Very quick and simple recipe! … Continue reading Turning nasturtium seeds into capers

Healthy Fizzy Drink

Due to health issues, I've decided to increase my intake of probiotics but not dairy products. ¬†Hence I've discovered water kefir grains and this is my new craze, LOL! ¬†You can read a lot about them on the internet so I won't repeat all that info except that they are a great source of non-dairy … Continue reading Healthy Fizzy Drink

Indian Spiced Silverbeet

We have only been introduced to Silverbeet/Chard less than 10 years ago when we moved to Australia. ¬†Before that, have never even heard about or seen them before. ¬†First taste we had, it was 'different'. ¬†It would have been perfect if we fell in love with it immediately as it was so easy to grow, … Continue reading Indian Spiced Silverbeet