Fermented tea, anyone?

Raw and fermented food and beverage is the trend now so I might as well hitch a ride 🙂  Actually, one of the swappers has requested me to write about this as she has excess to share but can't describe/explain what they are.  So here I am writing from what I can find online, and … Continue reading Fermented tea, anyone?


Plastic milk bottles wicking bed?

Just a short post today to tie in with the recycling challenge and guess what?  It's more about plastic milk bottles! I watched this video featured on The Permaculture Research Institute "A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds" and read about the media-less wicking beds.  And then I thought that we could use those plastic milk bottles … Continue reading Plastic milk bottles wicking bed?

Upside down hanging planters

Remember my post on using plastic milk bottles as hanging planters?  This season, I've tried them upside down too - with tomatoes. Here's a picture of one tomato seedling right after transplanting.  I lined the bottles with old sheets and newspaper, in the hope that water will be better retained.  Sometimes I also use worn … Continue reading Upside down hanging planters

Repurposing milk or water bottles to irrigate your garden

We don't drink a lot of milk but we still have a 2L plastic milk bottle to throw into the recycling bin once a week.  I guess it's not too bad that it's getting recycled and not going to landfill but I still felt compelled to find a better way of reusing them till they … Continue reading Repurposing milk or water bottles to irrigate your garden